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Think big.
Own Smalls.

Why buy into Smalls? For starters, we don’t break ground, we drop Cans. Which means faster opens and fewer headaches. It also means smaller footprints and simplified ops. We have a single core menu offering and do it better than anyone else. Our food is craveable. Our people and processes are proven. Our leadership and support are second-to-none. Put simply, Smalls is the biggest thing to happen to burgers since buns. And now’s your chance to buy in.


We talk a big game. And have the beef to back it up.

We’ve known we’ve had a good thing since we dropped our first Can in 2019. The industry often refers to us as the newest, hottest next-gen QSR concept in the game, and that’s without bribing them with free sliders and shakes.


States Under Development


Cans Open or Under Development


Sq Ft Can Size


We currently have 21 states under development, with more signing on soon. Take a look at our map and see what potential locations are available for dropping Cans.



Why should I become a Smalls Sliders franchisee?

We are recognized by restaurant trade journals as one of the hottest QSR concepts in the industry. Great leadership. Iconic design. Hyper-focused menu. Craveable food.

We utilize a pre-fabricated 750 sq ft modular building constructed at a climate-controlled factory in order to have consistency, safer construction, enhanced depreciation options and accelerated opening.

The typical multi-unit development is 5 Cans. We look to ensure that the franchisee has prior experience in franchising, restaurant operations and/or business leadership experience with the ability to hire a capable team. The ideal candidate will have a net worth of $4M, $1.5M in liquid assets and enough capital to develop their first 2 Cans. Candidates must not have ownership in another cheeseburger brand in the QSR space that creates a clear conflict of interest.

$35,000 – First Can
$30,000 - Each Additional Can in Development Agreement


*As outlined in the Smalls Sliders Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) released April 29, 2024, with the expectation of leasing property.

Earnings information can only be obtained by talking to existing franchisees and reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document.

We provide support in all aspects in opening and operating your business.

Our Real Estate team works with you and local real estate professionals to identify sites approximately .5 acres.

Yes, we have vetted the best suppliers in the industry to support our ongoing operations and growth.

The hype is real.

Of course we’re big on singing our own praise. But we aren’t the only ones. See what a bunch of smart and savvy industry pros and publications have to say about us. Spoiler alert: Smalls is the next big thing. 


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